Error 29 Jio – Troubleshoot Error with Easy Tutorial

Error 29 Jio: JIO is India’s most prestigious service-providing company; over 408.79 million people in India use the brand. Although JIO provides multiple services and they have the fastest network, you can still face error 29 Jio. There are multiple reasons behind the issue, but it commonly happens when the Message Center Number needs to be updated. If you have recently used a JIO number or you have just ported your number to JIO, then you can face the issue.

Now JIO provides a full tutorial to fix the error 29 Jio on your own. But if you are uncomfortable with the procedure, you can still visit your nearest JIO store to fix the issue. Now let’s understand why you are facing the Jio 4g error 29. But before that, you must first know what error 29 is in Jio.

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Error 29 in Jio

Error 29 refers to a situation when users of a particular network cannot use it because of some glitch. In this situation, you cannot send any SMS/MMS. Even your mobile data will not work. The error 29 Jio can occur because of network glitches or your mobile setting issues. But in every situation, the issue can be fixed. 

Error 29 Jio
Error 29 Jio

Reasons for Error 29 Jio

You must first understand the issues to know why you can’t send a message with Jio 4g error 29. Here are some of the most commons issues-

  1. Jio Mobile Service Pack is expired: Most Jio plans come with free SMS service. Now, if your recharge plan is already expired, you will not be able to send any SMS. However, you can send the SMS again after recharging the service pack.
  2. Limitation Is Exhausted: The lowest Jio plan comes with 300 free SMS, and the number of free SMSes is increased according to the recharge pack price. Now, if you have already exhausted the free service, you will not be able to send any more SMS. However, you can increase the number of SMS by buying an SMS pack.
  3. SIM Change: If you have or have just changed the SIM card, you will not be able to send SMS within 3 hours, and if necessary, the time can be extended up to 24 hours. 
  4. Deactivated SIM Card: the error 29 Jio can also be experienced if your SIM card has been deactivated or extended the activation period has been. In this situation, you have to visit a Jio store to apply for the re-activation of your SIM card. The service is free and provides instant results. But if your SIM still needs to be activated, wait for the confirmation call. Once your SIM card is activated, the error 29 Jio will erase automatically.
  5. 10 ARP Plan: If your postpaid service comes under the 10ARP plan, you must buy an additional Pre/ Post recharge to send SMS/MMS. 
  6. SMCN Number: SMCN or SMS Message Center Number needs to be configured properly, then you will surely face the error 29 Jio. Generally, the mobile automatically updates the SMCN number once you enter the SIM. But in case your SMCN has changed, you can configure it manually.

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Trouble Shoot Error 29 Jio

Here we are mentioning multiple methods depending on the issues mentioned above. Now start from the basics to resolve error 29 Jio. If you get no result, then follow the next method.

  1. Restart your Phone.
  2. Please turn on and off the flight mode respectively. Wait for a while and check if the issue has been solved.
  3. Clear old messages to make some room for new arrivals. That is one of the most common issues. Clearing messages and unnecessary data can consume space in your device. 
  4. Configure SMSC- Usually, the issue is resolved if you remove the SIM card and insert it again. But if you are still facing error 29 Jio, then follow the steps-
    1. Open Phone Dialer → Dial #4636#*#* → Select “Phone Information” after the menu launched → Open the “SMSC” option → tap on the “Refresh” button. Now the process should resolve the issue but if you are still facing the issue, follow the manual process. You can also follow the process if your phone does not have the “Message Center” option.
    2. Configure SMSC Manually- Open the SMS Option→ click on the three dots at the right top corner→ open the “Settings” option→ open “Message Center” → tap on the “Text message” → you will find the message centre number in the list. But if the list is blank, then enter 1234 and then click on OK.

Once the process is done, restart the mobile, and your error 29 Jio will be solved.

But even after the process is successfully done, you should visit the nearest JIO store if you are still in the same situation. They will resolve the issues.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Why is SMS not coming in Jio?

There are three common reasons why you are facing error 29 Jio SMS. They Are-

  1. Network issues- Generally, Network issues do not happen in the Jio network. But if you are facing it, the network is down in your area.
  2. Insufficient Memory- You will only be able to receive SMS if there is sufficient space left in your device. You can remove some old SMS to get space in this situation. Besides, removing the cache and clearing data will also give you extra space.
  3. Miss Configuration of Device Setting- Mostly, those using Jio SIM for the first time can face error 29 Jio. Use the tutorial mentioned above in this situation to correct the device setting.

These mentioned actions will solve your issue. But if you are still facing Jio error 29, insert the SIM to a different device. You will receive the SMS after a while. 

How do I fix an invalid Jio number?

The Jio number is considered invalid if the activation period is extended. In this situation, you have to visit a Jio Store. You can submit the re-activation request with a government-authorized valid address and photo ID proof (Like-Adhaar card). After completing the telephone verification, your number will be activated again.

Why is suddenly the Jio network not working?

If you are facing sudden network issues or error 29 Jio, it is because of network issues in your area. But if Jio has yet to confirm the issue, you face it because of the device. 

Now, your device can troubleshoot the issues automatically, but if you are still facing the issues, then follow these steps.

  1. First, restart your device. And wait for two to three seconds. If you still need to get the network, go to the next step.
  2. Go to the “Settings” option and choose “Connections.”
  3. There you will find “Mobile Networks.” Open it.
  4. In the drop-down menu, open “Network Operators.” 
  5. Deactivate the “Select automatically” option and wait for the procedure to be completed. 
  6. Here you will find JIO 4G along with other available networks. Select JIO 4G and wait for a while.

These methods will solve the issue, but if you are still facing the issue, software or hardware-related issues will suddenly arise.

How can I send MMS in Jio?

To send MMS using a Jio SIM card, you have to configure the APN setting in your device. Before configuring the option, make sure your mobile data is enabled. Follow these steps “Settings” → “connection settings” → “Mobile Network” → “Access Point Names” → “ADD” → fill in all the necessary data required→; click on OK.

These steps will allow you to send MMS in Jio. For another OS device, the procedure is the same; you have to find the “Access Point Names” option and fill in the data.

Why is my MMS not sending?

The most common reason you cannot receive or send any MMS on the device is that your “Mobile Data” is not enabled. MMS function will only work when your cellular data is on. If you use a wireless network, turn it off first and enable “Mobile Data.” On the other hand, if your mobile’s service pack has expired, you will not be able to send or receive any MMS.

How do I convert MMS to SMS?

In most cases, if your SMS consists of more than 160 characters, it will automatically convert into MMS. But you can change it manually. To convert MMS into SMS, follow the steps- Go to the “Message” app → click on the conversation → click on the message’s timestamp → select the “Switch to text (SMS/MMS)” option. And you are all set.

Why is my MMS not working on Android?

MMS service requires Cellular data. If your Mobil’s service pack has expired or you are using a wireless network instead of mobile data, you will not be able to send or receive any MMS on your Android device. If the service is unavailable, reset the APN or set factory restore to rest the MMS setting again.  

Should I use SMS or MMS?

There is a difference between SMS & MMS; let’s understand that first.

Supportive connectionNo Data is required.Mobile Data is Required.
Character Limits160 Characters1600 words
Supporting MediaNAImage/GIF- up to 500 KB; Audio/Video- up to 30 seconds.
Cost-Mostly free services are provided with a service pack.The cost charge is deducted from the data pack.

Because SMS is lighter and only needs a regular mobile connection, it is more comfortable, and the service is more reliable. On the other hand, MMS is required Cellular data along with proper APN settings. So, if you are only sending the characters, then SMS is the best option. On the other hand, video/audio/images should be sent on MMS because it provides more security than any chat app.

Final Words-

If your phone is old and does not support 4G services, you can face error 29 Jio. In that case, you have to upgrade the device to resolve the issue. Again, if your device is new, but the SIM card is old, you have to change it immediately. You can exchange your SIM card from a local JIO store for free. But if your device and SIM card are new and you still face the error 29 Jio, you should wait a while before taking any steps. In most cases, the error 29 Jio is solved within 24 hours if it occurs due to a network issue.

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